Achievements and Patents of Dr. Atiq Durrani

Dr. Atiq Durrani has contributed greatly to the field of orthopedic medicine. Dr. Atiq Durrani specializes in both Orthopedic Oncology as well as Orthopedic Surgery. With his advanced education and highly trained professional skills, Dr. Atiq Durrani has made some of the leading advancements in orthopedic medicine today. Dr. Atiq Durrani’s achievements have been recognized by many universities, orthopedic organizations, and fellow orthopedic doctors around the world. As the recipient of several awards and honors for his outstanding achievements in the field, Dr. Atiq Durrani is considered a leader in orthopedics.
Throughout his career, Dr. Atiq Durrani has developed many important procedures and technologies for orthopedic surgery and oncology. Dr. Atiq Durrani has patented several of his greatest accomplishments. These patents include a minimally access posterior spinal instrumentation and technique used in orthopedic surgery, the correction of spinal deformity by local delivery of biological modulator proteins, an expandable vertebral device with a can lock and also the automatic lengthening bone fixation device.

Dr. Atiq Durrani’s accomplishments are recognized worldwide as his ideas and practices are shared and replicated by fellow orthopedic doctors in the field. Dr. Atiq Durrani is famous for developing the most advanced spine program in orthopedics today. This program is the leader in minimally invasive spine techniques for both non-operative and operative procedures. Dr. Atiq Durrani’s procedures are so advanced that the majority of them are done as outpatient procedures. Dr. Atiq Durrani’s programs were developed at the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, which is now opening new office locations in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio.

As a leader in orthopedic medicine, Dr. Atiq Durrani has been granted private funding to continue to develop his research and procedures. Dr. Atiq Durrani is a crucial member to the orthopedic community as he develops some of the leading advances in medicine today.


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